The Bonati family is farmers by four generations. Today we have about 100 cows that produce milk for Parmigiano Reggiano cheese making. We produce our Parmigiano Reggiano only with milk from our cows, eat hay grown on our fields: we are a completely farm, from the food for our animals, milk producing, processing into cheese until the sale, everything is taken care of and managed by us. This allows us to have a great quality product, followed in every detail with precision and care, so as to achieve a perfect traceability.

10年巴马(帕玛臣)芝士Parmigiano Reggiano Speciale Aged 10 years “Bonat”

7年巴马(帕玛臣)芝士Parmigiano Reggiano Speciale Aged 7 years “Bonat” 1kg/pcs

5年巴马(帕玛臣)芝士Parmigiano Reggiano Gran Riserva Aged 5 years“Bonat”

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