Giusti Aceto Balsamico di Modena

A source of family pride, the “Giusti Recipe” is a testament of historical value, one of the first exisiting documents which outlines the secrets of Balsamic Vinegar. Balsamic Vinegar owes everything to its territory. The climate, the grapes, the ancient wisdom... Today the Giuseppe Giusti is owned by 17th generation of the family, together with Luciano, guiding the company and keepers of the Gran Deposito, combining the excitment and capacity of innovation, to the passion and experience inherited over the 4 centuries. Today as always, Giusti’s Balsamic Vinegar lives up to its reputation: distributed to the most prestigious specialty provenders of Italy and throughout the world, it has been chosen by international chefs as an excellent expression of Balsamic Vinegar and Made in Italy. And still, the highest score available at the “Superior Taste Award” in Brussels and a quotation in the international best seller “101 things to buy before you die”.


浓稠巴萨米克黑醋giusti意大利15年小瓶Aceto Balsamico进口黑醋



意大利巴萨米克葡萄黑醋aceto balsamico浓稠摩德纳醋modena100ml

经典忌廉醋Classic Balsamic Cream 150ml

8-20年不等 整件礼盒装黑醋系列 Giusti Scrigno Collezione Completa - Special Edition box Champagnotta 250ml/bottle

20年罗沙库比卡黑醋 Giusti 5 Medaglie D’Oro Banada Rossa Cubica 250ml/bottle

15年4 叶世纪库比卡黑醋 Giusti 4 Medaglie d’oro Fourth Centenary Cubica 250ml/bottle

12年3 叶里卡多库比卡黑醋 Giusti 3 Medaglie d’oro Riccardo Cubica 250ml/bottle

8年2 叶经典库比卡黑醋 Giusti 2 Medaglie d’oro classic Cubica 250ml/bottle

8年2叶经典香氛黑醋Giusti 2 Medaglie d’oro il classic Champagnotta 250ml/bottle

6-8年经典库比卡黑醋 Giusti 1 Medaglia d’argento il classic Cubica 250ml/bottle

6年1叶香氛黑醋 Giusti 1 Medaglia d’argento Il profumato Champagnotta 250ml/bottle

珍藏库比卡醋 Agria Gran Riserva Cubica 250ml/bottle

库比卡白醋 Giusti Bianco Modena Cubica 250ml/bottle

有机库比卡黑醋 Giusti Organic Cubica 250ml/bottle

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