Montanari & Gruzza

We are glad to introduce Montanari & Gruzza company, hoping to develop a good business relationship with You. We have been producing butter and Parmigiano Reggiano since 1950, when our history began, thanks to the founding partners Arturo Montanari and Arnaldo Gruzza. Today we involve ourselves passionately, as in the past times, in this fantastic activity, in order to reach the best possible results. We manage the whole production row of Parmigiano Reggiano, by breeding cows from organic agriculture. These breeds would be otherwise destined to the extinction.

4年巴马(帕玛臣)芝士Parmigiano Reggiano Gran Riserva Aged 4 years“Bonat”

3 年巴马(帕玛臣)芝士 (300G)Parmigiano Reggiano Gran Riserva Aged 3years “Bonat”

巴马(帕玛臣)芝士(Bruna)Parmigiano Reggiano BRUNA, 500gr“Montanari & Gruzza”

24月巴马(帕玛臣)芝士Parmigiano ReggianoVacche Rosse stag. 24 mesi“Montanari & Gruzza”

5 年有机帕玛臣芝士Organic ParmigianoReggiano 5 years“Montanari & Gruzza”

有机帕玛臣芝士(1KG)Organic Parmigiano “Montanari & Gruzza”

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