The name Levoni conjures up a tradition where mouthwatering aromas uniquely combine with distinctive flavours to create truly exceptional Salumi. Levoni Salumi, prime quality deli meats, are indeed "Quelli Buoni", that is, "The Good Ones". Because right from the creation of their very first salami, the Levoni family has refused to compromise on quality. Today, the fourth generation of the Levoni family has just one mission – to make sure that everyone who tastes Levoni Salumi continues to agree that they are, as always, "Quelli Buoni"! It is a reputation to be proud of, and they have earned it by never relenting in their search for excellence. The results are clear for all to see… and taste! Today Levoni produces a wide range of Salumi, all of the highest quality – and keeps alive the great Italian traditions. They maintain the craft quality of their products while working with industrial volumes and all the guarantees this entails. And that is an achievement of which Ezechiello would be proud.

意大利脆腩肉 Ciccioli Mantovani AP crispy pork belly 200gr

哥得可妮肠 Cotecone cotto 3kg

哥德齐诺肠 Cotechino cotto Medaglia d’Oro 500gr

意大利猪手 Zampone di Modena IGP cotto (900G)

熟牛舌肠 Cooked Cow Tong/ Lingua bovina cotta (1.2kg)

熟牛舌肠 Cooked Cow Tong/ Lingua bovina cotta in stampo (2.5kg)

烤熟猪腿 Stinco roasted pork shank 600g

熟美佐肠 Mezza arista arrosto 3.5kg

熟烟熏菲利诺肠 Filone affumicato SV 2kg

熟烟熏美佐加罗肠 Mezzo carre affumicato 2.5kg

路卡尼卡香肠 Salsiccia Lucanica 12 pcs/box Box:180g

曼多瓦娜肠 Salsiccia Mantovana SV10 pcs/case Box: 220g

烟熏拿坡里小辣肠 Salsiccia Napoli forte smoked, spicy 400g/1x1pc

烟熏地中海辣肠 Salsiccia Mediterranea piccante smoked, spicy 1kg

托斯卡诺沙拉美肠 Salame Toscano 4kg

半乌合施沙拉美肠 Half Salame Ungherese gold medal winner 2kg

烟熏乌合施沙拉美肠 Salame Ungherese smoked, paprika gold medal winner 1.2kg

乐活娜多沙拉美肠 Salame cacciatore DOP Levonetto 200gr

亚布泽西沙拉美肠 Salame Abruzzese schiacciato flat shape 300gr

半美佐茴香味沙拉美肠 Half Salame Ventricina spicy, with fennel seeds 2kg

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