More than 300 products are included in the Menù. Products catalog to provide help and a wide range of ideas that can be employed in cafés, bars, pubs, sandwich shops, and similar establishments. There is also a collection of mouth-watering recipes that allows the managers of both fast-service and traditional restaurants to make use of our original products and our newest additions to prepare truly impressive dishes. Naturally, this initiative is backed up by Menù's experience and quality.

甜酸无花果酱Salsa di Fichi fig sauce used as condiment for semihard and hard cheeses 450g

红洋葱酱Salsa di Cipolla Rossa red onion sauce eaten with cheeses or used as condiment with meat dishes 420g

青番茄酱Salsa di Pomodori Verdi green tomato sauce eaten with cheeses or used as condiment with meat dishes 430g/pc

MENU 忌廉醋 Glassa with balsamic vinegar 600 g/plastic bottle

草莓慕斯粉 Mousse alla fragola (Strawberry mousse mix) 1000g/box

巧克力慕斯粉 Mousse al cioccolato (Chocolate mousse mix) 1000g/box

混合芝士粉 Crema Pasticcera a freddo (Mix powder for pastries, not cooked 1000g/box

奶油布丁粉 Panna Cotta - 1000 gr (Panna Cotta pudding mix) 1000g/box

提拉米苏 Preparato per Tiramisù (Tiramisù mix) 1000g/box

罐头奶油酱“Carbonara” Sauce Carbonara830g

香草辣味番茄酱罐头 "Arrabbiata" Sauce 830 g/can

意大利猪脸肉酱 "Amatriciana" Sauce 830 g/can

意大利传统香草番茄酱 "Pomosilico" Sauce (tomato and basil) 830 g/can

小罐调过味的传统番茄酱 Pomodorina Neapolitan Tomato Sauce 830 g/can

大罐调过味的传统番茄酱 "Pomodorina" Neapolitan Tomato Sauce

亚之竹酱 Artichoke-Heart sauce (for pasta dishes) 810 g/can

白松露酱Crema di funghi prataioli profumo di tartufo (cream of truffle) 760 g/jar

黑橄榄酱 Crema di olive neri (black olive cream) 390 g/jar

青橄榄酱 Crema di Olive Verdi (green olive cream) 390 g/jar

圈状切片黑橄榄 Olive nere a rondelle (Round sliced black olives) 2400 g/can

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