Pasta Panarese

Each of our packs of pasta containsall the values we believe in and on which we base our everyday work. There's our strong and deeply-rooted link with the local area, the enchanted triangle of the OrciaValley between Pienza, Montalcino and Castiglion d'Orcia which offers such excellent food. There's our passion for pure and genuine flavours derived from top qitality natural ingredients which are canfully and skilfully processed. There's our love of pasta, the queen of Italian food and, more importantly, an ancient but constantly new pleasure that Italian and intemational gourmets will never cease to call for and appreciate. Our pasta is exclusively produced with organically grown durum wheat semolina from the Orcia Valley an area with an extraordinay vocation for good food, such as Brunella di Montalcino and Pecorino di Pienza.

有机细意粉 Organic pasta bronze drawn - Spaghetti dell'Orcia 500g

有机意式卷干粉 Organic pasta bronze drawn - Tagliatelle 500g

有机短坑纹直通粉 Organic pasta bronze drawn - Paccheri Rigati 500g

有机斜切通心粉 Organic pasta bronze drawn - Penne Rigate 500g

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