The charm of a craft transmitted from generation to generation through the centuries captivates Guido Pinzani in 1969. The passion that prompts him to give life to the Caseificio Pinzani is thus born of a chance meeting with an old retired cheese maker. In 1972, during one of the regular gatherings of shepherds in Siena’s Market Square, he hears the news of the sale of an ancient cottage dairy near the Charterhouse of Pontignano, the last one to perpetuate the classic Sienese manufacture of raw milkpecorino. The acquisition of that cottage dairy marks the beginning of a long and obstinate journey that has led Guido Pinzani to specialise exclusively in the production of raw milk pecorino cheese. In 1975 the dairy moves to an area rich in pastures amid the lovely municipalities of Colle Val d’Elsa, Casole, Castel San Gimignano, and Volterra, starting a gradual, but steady increase in production that offers the company an opening into the large distribution market.Over the years, the range of products is broadened to include the fresher and smaller format cheeses in order to meet the customers’ requirements. Today the Caseificio Pinzani is the only one on the national territory to produce raw milkpecorino in a structured way.

半硬蔬菜派可丽诺芝士 PINZANI Pecorino Senese Caglio Vegetale SEMI-HARD with vegetable rennet (Toscana) 700g/pcs

半硬黑白松露派可丽诺芝士PINZANI Pecorino Senese al Tartufo SEMI-HARD with white & black truffle (Toscana) 400g/pcs

半硬黑椒芝士 PINZANI Pecorino Senese al Pepe SEMI-HARD with black pepper (Toscana) 400g/pcs

半硬香草味马佐丽诺芝士PINZANI Pecorino Senese Marzolino SEMI-HARD(Toscana) 400g/pcs

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