Riseria Pasini

Riseria Pasini was founded in 1948 by three brothers Bruno, Arnaldo and Ciro in Villa Garibaldi di Roncoferraro, a town located in the hub of the rice fields (paddy fields) in the province of Mantova which is in the heart of the region known as the Pianura Padana. The undisputed quality of the rice and the significant technological innovations introduced into production and processing led Riseria Pasini to expand business nationwide positioning this company, in the 90’s, as market leader in the Veneto Region. Riso Pasini is guaranteeing a natural long lasting product freshness, preservative and additive free.

卡纳罗利米 PASINI Riso Carnaroli

帕西尼意大利米 PASINI Riso Arborio

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